La lisière

it’s your lifestyle choice

La Lisière is
a unique place,

At the same time as a lifestyle. Professionally and personally speaking it is not always an option or a desire to have to choose between Paris and nature. Many have asked themselves the question recently. La Lisière is one answer.

Paris, not far

La Lisière opens up possibilities, reconciling the obligations and desires of being in the capital with deep aspirations for a renewed relationship with a peaceful and protected environment. Paris is only 40 minutes by train from La Lisière, and less than an hour by car or motorbike. It’s a reasonable journey, two or three times a week, if combined with working from home. For a gallery show, a concert, the theatre, shopping, an evening out…

Barbizon, just next door

Living in the forest is no longer about being cut off from the rest of the world. The historic village of Barbizon, with its public services, school and essential shops, is less than 1.1km away. In real terms that’s a 15 minute walk and just 3 minutes by bike: very convenient for taking the kids to school or just going to get bread. All of that in an incredibly charming village with a global reputation.

15 minutes' walk
to the village centre
3 min
by car
leisure activities

The forest, just
down the track

And finally, La Lisière is breathing space, a natural rhythm – day, night, seasons -, sensations, the smell of the forest or a bonfire, things you only usually get to enjoy at the weekend or during the holidays.

And space, so much space, inside and out: the Fontainebleau forest just for you, at least 1,000 m² of private garden, for you to plant, to organise or just leave to go wild, whatever inspires you… and a 150 to 190m² house, physically and visually open to the outdoors, intimate personal spaces: workshop, attic, rooftop terrace, fireplace…

Your unique

To preserve a sense of harmony and beauty, the woodland houses of La Lisière have all been constructed around the same modern and hard-wearing wooden structure, specially designed by the architects of the cigüe agency, reputed for its constructive standards and taste for modern lifestyle spaces and trends.

But, each house - including yours of course -
is absolutely unique.

The designers (there are no sales people involved here) will invite you to a co-production workshop where you will be able to make all of those essential choices and add the little details that will add your personality. In total harmony with your ecological needs: low consumption building (BBC), water management; bio-sourced insulation…

A shared property

Another thing that makes La Lisière so original is the potential for sharing the estate’s two ecological spaces exclusively between its co-owners and neighbours:

a totally chemical free natural swimming pool, and a vegetable patch.

There will be no obligation to enjoy or “work” on them. Just the pleasure of going for a swim, or harvesting vegetables in this micro-community neighbourhood. And so you can renew those day-to-day human relations that we have come to miss so deeply.

So here are seven
harmonious and unique houses!


With its spectacular butterfly roof. (7.5m to the gables) the outline of Racines emerges from the treetops as soon as you enter La Lisière from the Barbizon village side, with all of its services. It proposes 171 m² of intimate living space set in 1,100 m² of grounds.


Racines is all about the La Lisière spirit, both inside and out.

Two examples: an extremely well-lit workshop for your creative, professional or personal activities on the ground floor; a 24 m² covered wooden terrace forms the natural continuation of the living room which you will be able to enjoy right into the autumn.

Racines : M€ 1.386








Sève is one of La Lisière’s most spacious houses with 179m² of living space set in 1,700m² of private grounds. Whilst the other houses are only 2 minutes from the forest, this one is even closer, if that could be possible!


Sève is the perfect image of the family home.

With its 9m high gable roof, its vast, separate yet totally visible kitchen, its enormous living room that opens onto the garden, the upstairs bedrooms, the loft space that can be converted into a genuine attic just like something out of your childhood dreams.

Sève : M€ 1.581




Ramure offers a wonderful balance between a comfortable 191m² living space and 1,000m² of private grounds full of potential (“nature-nature”, flower garden, fruit, vegetables and herbs, lawns, hammock for some rest, badminton or boules court, etc.), all nestled snuggly in the heart of La Lisière.


Ramure, three floors, in the heart of La Lisière.

Inside, under the majestic 9m high gable roof, numerous spatial arrangements are possible for all three floors: the ground floor with its inviting well-lit open-plan kitchen, lounge, fireplace, bedrooms and office upstairs, usable loft.

Ramure : M€ 1.560

If you want to live at La Lisière, contact

Édouard Bourdenet: 06 60 36 76 47

or by email: